Alas Mel Smith

So farewell then, Mel Smith. Comedian, actor and director. One half of Alas Smith & Jomes & one quarter of the Not the Nine O’Clock News team.

He once had a friend who thought he might be stout.

He was often wild. Now I bet he’s absolutely livid.

But here’s my favourite character of his, from the brilliant The Princess Bride

If You Say So Sir

Here’s another step back in time. This is looking so dated.  Back in 1979 when Rowan Atkinson and Griff Rhys Jones performed this sketch the police were a notoriously vindictive, violent and racist bunch. Thank god those days are behind us.                   Isn’t it ?

The SPG mentioned at the end were a particular nasty bunch of thugs who’s former members now advise the Met Police on how to control student protests.
I find it helps if I substitute the multi-accused man’s name, “Winston Kodogo” with “Julian Assange” – brings it right up to date. Constable Savage currently works for the Swedish Government.