The Last Post

Spent all day crying, watching BBC coverage of the D-Day Vets. So proud of those old guys and they are all so humble. Wonderful stuff. I would never fight over oil or for spurious reasons to kill people, but if the Nazis ever again threatened our shores I’d like to think I’d do my bit.
70 years on, we’ve started voting-in racists, bigots & homophobes. Might as well have let Hitler in. What a waste.


Image: The 70th Anniversary Of The D-Day Landings Are Commemorated In Normandy


So they’ve won. I shouldn’t give up so easily, but for the past four-or-so years I’ve written at length (and incoherently) warning about the rise of the Right. I may not be right about many things, but I was spot on about UKIP and their mob.

Any humour I ever possessed came from a smidgen of hope. I no longer have that for this country. I don’t have the energy to fight against what’s happening. I’m an out-of-date old leftie who’s views are no longer relevant, so I shall leave it with you all. By the time most of you read this, you’ll be under a government more right-wing than Thatcher’s — and when I started this blog I’d have never believed such was possible.

So goodbye and thanks for reading and commenting. If you don’t care about living in a liberal (small ‘l’ )society, only one other thing is important: Please adhere to Greaves’ Rules (they are posted in this blog for your enjoyment) and use whichever heavy implements you can on the local nazis —you know who they are (so that’s two things).


10 thoughts on “The Last Post

  1. Buck up, chummy. Defeatist talk like this is Not Permitted. Don’t turn into a bitter old bugger, hey? Not yet anyway – give it another few months at least. And leftie thoughts, it seems to me, are on the rise again. Not noticeable yet on the political horizon perhaps, but from the conversations I hear around me. Women, renters, the dispossessed – people are getting their game on. Let’s see who becomes the next mayor of London.

  2. My mother, wartime ATS, wonders why she bothered when she sees everything she and her friends fought for being destroyed.
    Still, as she was taught at a time when invasion was thought to be imminent – ‘Take one with you’, so any neo Nazis in the streets of Southampton had best beware of the wheelchair with scythes on its hubs coming their way…

  3. That’s all ? Are you fvcking kidding me ?
    Is this the attitude that bought us Kevin and Rita ?
    Is this the stuff that Bernard Jordan is made of ?
    So what if the Farage band are having their 5 minutes in the Sun – literally. They’ll soon be dispatched to the annals of the Daily Mail. You know it, I know it, get over it.
    Or are you just peeved at the techno-crashes you’ve had to endure in the past month ?
    Don’t make me come over there and buy you a pint ! ( in whatever pubs you’re not barred from – I know one in Gravesend !
    I don’t think this attitude would be tolerated on Radio FvckPisz now would it !
    And here was I, tuning in expecting to see a warm obit about Rik !
    Get over yourself and remember … Keep calm and blog on !
    You’re my link to the UK real news …

  4. So they’ve got to you at last eh? Nah,don’t think so.
    More importantly,how come this bloke knows about Kevin & Rita?
    Discussion needed in rugby club bar – anytime.x

    • Yes, they got me. Only so much I can take any more before I appear on crime watch. (The Kevin & Rita Bloke happens to be Gavin Jackson.)

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