And I Say: It’s All Right

While the world reels under the pressure of a triple-dip recession — solely caused, as we all know, by all those scrounging poor people, teachers, students, health workers and single parents— it’s sometimes difficult to find anything to smile at, especially if you happen to be sitting in a queue in an unemployment office. Waiting your turn to be told they have nothing for you is a soul-destroying pastime. In Spain it must be a worse experience then most. Unemployment is currently running at 25% and it would be very easy to interpret any light at the end of any tunnel to be, as HMHB rightly said, the light of an oncoming train.

There are some, however, who are at least trying to bring a little joy into the lives of those who have been left on the scrap heap, waiting for jobs that just aren’t there. Take this Flash Mob in Spain which a Radio Station sent over to the local Job Centre to try to cheer up people. You will be shocked to hear that I am deeply sceptical of Flash Mobs, but this lot seemed to stir things deep inside me. Not always a good thing, I know. But having heard so many appalling cover versions of Beatles tracks by mono-browed, mancunian, misery-peddlers the Gallagher Brothers, this made a nice refreshing change.

Thanks go to Simon the Strine for sharing with us.