We’re The Sweeney, Son, and we Haven’t had any Dinner

They’re clearly running out of ideas of their own, and Ray Winstone’s no John Thaw. But let’s thank our luckies that Dennis Waterman isn’t in it. Unless he’s singing the theme tune.

5 thoughts on “We’re The Sweeney, Son, and we Haven’t had any Dinner

  1. Poor trailer,and Ray Winstone( of whom have previously been a fan) seems to have lost it…
    Evidently someone asked for plan B and casting got confused and got Plan B.
    Oh well,am bound to watch the film anyway.
    Nice ‘hommage’ at the end in “get your trousers on you’re nicked”?!

  2. Think I’ll give it a whirl – can’t be any worse than the re-make of True Grit (which was horse-shit).
    Look up the trailer for “Ted” – looks a goodie too.

    • True Grit, I will have you know, was a magnificent remake. Is Ted a remake of Father Ted ?
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  3. If it was a re-make of father Ted surely they’d have offered you the part of Father Jack Hackett ? No, it’s a Seth MacPharlane thing … looks v funny. And no, True Grit (remake) is pants.

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