Ebony and Ivory Furniture

When Martin Luther King Jr had a dream, do you think he was dreaming about a divan bed with a memory foam mattress available to all ? Did Nelson Mandela spend all those years in jail so anyone could buy a three piece suite at competitive prices no matter what their creed or colour ? Did Rosa Parks really refuse to give up her seat on that bus just so we could take advantage of in-store finance?

If you answered “no” to any of the above, think again.  Check out the production values on this one.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

2 thoughts on “Ebony and Ivory Furniture

  1. Wow….shame they’ve missed this years’ Oscars….
    Must be a category for the most appeasing short film…?
    Oh dear,have the script writers moved on to bigger things subsequently,would love to see some more of their work…
    Anyway have to forward onto Murve now…
    Hispanic people yes,but arab sand ni***rs..? Pehaps not….?!

  2. The thing I find disturbing is that many stories produced by certain publications (these days) cause that mental voice in my head to read them with the same fluidity, command, and smart-sounding rhythm as most of the cracker-clients featured in this ad read their lines. I particularly liked the 20 minute pause that one guy took between each word in “The. Red. House. Is. For. Me.”

    I’m betting David Cameron would avoid the great deals to be had at this business. Multi-culturalist shopping has failed.

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