John Barry RIP

I found myself  searching for some music to get myself up and ready for the day ahead, and at the same time commemorate the passing of the great John Barry. I could have chosen the theme from The Persuaders but it didn’t feel quite right. Neither did Dances with Wolves – not really the right mood for a damp morning in Dartford. Perhaps Midnight Cowboy would be more my style ? – there’s certainly a touch of the Ratso Rizzo’s about me this morning. Obviously I’m no Sheen Connolly, so the 007 Theme‘s right out.

So I plumped for the music to the first Harry Palmer movie, The Ipcress File. As a kid I always hoped if I really did have to be a British Secret Service agent, I’d become one like Harry P. and not Mr Bond. He seemed altogether cooler and more straightforward. He made his own breakfast and wore lounge suits not dinner jackets. (I’ve seen me in a dinner jacket – I look like a bloke with a head transplant.) And hopefully I could work with the great Nigel Green and not the truly dreadful Desmond Llewelyn.

Anyway, while I was doing all that I would be humming this theme to myself in preparation for a good day’s spying, a jolly good cup of tea with Nigel, and a quick knee-trembler with Sue Lloyd before she rushed off to star in Crossroads.

And all the while I’d have Mr Barry’s music to whisk me along and keep me out of mischief.

Do pay attention, Palmer !

2 thoughts on “John Barry RIP

  1. That’s what they need today isn’t it? Some one Like HP to turn up with that days selections from Cheltenham under his arm (important stuff first) ready to put away some jihadists. Then finish up early to go and see the tailor on Saville Row. Marvellous.

    If only getting up in the morning was that easy. I’d make a mess of the coffee for a start, no razor blades, shirt wouldn’t be ironed ready to go, suit would be ill-fitting, stain on the tie. Forget my gun as well probably. But thanks to you I shall try the theme tune as my new alarm clock…I’ll let you know how I get on.

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