The Legend Lives On

Remember this day. Remember where you heard the news, for in years to come your grandchildren will surely ask you “Where were you when Chas ‘n’ Dave Split up?”.

Buddy Holly plays Harlem; Dylan goes electric; The Beatles split; Elvis dies, followed by Francis Albert Sinatra and then Freddie; Band AID; Live AID; The CD; the Ipod; Francis Rossi cuts off his ponytail. To this list of rock and pop landmarks we can add the ending of the greatest Rockney group ever to play Blackheath Halls in their vests.

Gilbert and Sullivan, Rogers and Hammerstein, Mick and Keith, Lennon and that other bloke, Robson and Jerome – move over guys, the greatest songwriting partnership ever to come out of North London want a bit of wallspace in that Hall of Fame.

Maybe we’ll be lucky and somewhere down the line the boys will reform and embark on a series of comback tours. In a funny way I rather hope not. Let us be satisfied with the little we have. Fawlty Towers reigns supreme because there were only 12 episodes. Buddy Holly and James Dean performances are revered because their professional lives were cut short. Let us not be greedy with the gifts which Charles and David have left us: a near perfect collection of only 26 albums, stretching across the briefest of 35 years.

Cheers, lads, we’ll make do with that lot. Gertcha.

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5 thoughts on “The Legend Lives On

  1. I was privilaged enought to witness a Chas’n’Dave concert last year. I weep now like I wept then. Extremely gifted people.Moving you might say. Excuse me but I have to go and lie down in a darkend room for a while.

  2. A hollow deep sadness now pierces my very soul.
    How will I survive now they are gone?

    Mind you our signed CDS might be worth a few bob now Bomb.

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