6 thoughts on “The Fall of Paris

  1. The lunatics took over the asylum over here long ago it would seem…..
    Bus lanes and urban cyclists have been travelling ‘in the wrong direction’ for some time,making it absolutely chaotic in and around major stations and trahnsport temini where bewildered ‘tourists’ taking their first steps on this foreign soil can be mown down from any direction…Not even the pavements are sanctuary where the one -way systems are overtly flouted by any form of transport that can manage to get onto them…Scooter jockeys even ‘toot’ and rev their ‘engines’ to gee pedestrians up…
    On the plus side for you ,most cyclists (Boris Johnson and our olympic chaps aside) tend to be scrawny geeky types so you would doubtless do more damage to them than them to you….

  2. I was once mown down by a whole family on the same bike in Amsterdam: kid on front basket, mum n dad on a tandem, kid on the back basket. Nearly lost a leg.

  3. Both the predictably fatal end and the agonizing time it took to finally fecking roll around rather reminds me of a certain magazine we’re familiar with, n’est pas?

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