Are there any Women here today…?

More proof, if any were needed, that Darwin was on to something. All hail Santino the chimp! A prime (or primate) example of a miserable old bastard. For our hero (pictured) sits in his enclosure at a zoo in Sweden and hurls stones at any visitors he takes a dislike to.(even if they DIDN’T say Jehovah). 175_0310_angry_chimp

What’s more, Santino (31yrs) wanders around collecting stones and stock-piling them to throw at future targets. He even shapes pieces of concrete into disc-shaped missiles. (I’ll have two flat ones and a packet of gravel).

Wouldn’t you just LOVE to sit in your front garden, preferably on an old set of steps, and luzz stones at passers by who didn’t come up-to-scratch? I’d be spoilt for choice for victims. That nosey cow around the corner, for one; Anyone over the age of 14 on a skateboard; The Betterware bloke. The Sunday morning Happy Clappers…oh this could go on for ever.

My only concern is that we may have Santino’s sex wrong. Stockpiling infers forward planning, and whoever heard of a bloke planning ahead past his next pint?

Want more Chimps? This is hilarious.

2 thoughts on “Are there any Women here today…?

  1. Are you aware of the zoo’s response to Santini’s activities.
    Well, they castrated him. Seems a tad unfair to me. Why didn’t they just put him further away from the idiots wandering around the zoo?

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