TV Times

T’BBC Salford having finished, I just now switched over to the BBC News Channel to settle down for a bit of Mandela Rememberance Action (well, you can never get enough, can you ? and the Beeb have hardly mentioned it.) Commentator Jon Sopel was going through the guest list ” Bono will be here, as will Richard Branson….”. Didn’t hear any more. Switched over again.  I’m watching Frasier now.

2 thoughts on “TV Times

  1. Wonder if Brian May and his ridiculous barnet will make an appearance? ‘cos they thought Sun City was like Margate.

    At least the Specials had a proper go….Bono my arse.

  2. Russell Grant ? Ant &/or Dec ? Cheryl Cole ? the Kardashians ? Elton & David ? Any word on whether they attended, and what label they were wearing ? This stuff is important dammit …

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