Kickin’ and a Gougin’ in the Mud and the Blood and the Beer

Just for a change, I’d like to talk about one of the good things in life.


He’s back and at last he’s brilliant again. Probably his best movie since Pulp fiction, the great QT returns with this sensational epic. If you don’t like plot, edge, witty dialogue, then go ‘chase me, chase me’ down to middle earth and go see the Hobbit with the rest of your Dungeons & Dragon set. But if you can stomach barrels of blood, acres of character and the funniest Ku Klux Klan scene since Blazing Saddles, then go and take yourself along to see Django Unchained….just don’t take your mum.

Be prepared to hide behind your hands in scenes which give more than a passing nod to the the torture scene in Reservoir Dogs. The much maligned Tarantino has been accused of having lost his touch, with the spiffingly over-rated Inglorious Basterds taking most of the stick for an ailing career. Well now, even if you had no time for Basterds, and didn’t get the brilliance of Death Proof and it’s sensational soundtrack, take yourself along and see a proper movie.

Certainly not for the faint-of-heart, Quentin delivers big time, yet again. It’s a long movie at 2 hours 45 mins, and the longer it goes, the more outrageous is the action, and the more blood is spilt. Well before then, you’ve forgiven the director for everything he wants to throw at you, and allow any outlandish stunt or ridiculous scenarios to wash over you. It’s like Kill Bill, just with horses and six-shooters. And so, so much better.

And look! the erroneous poster above even gives you two more reasons to go see it: Sacha Baron Cohen (or Kurt Russell) never actually made the final cast of the film. Russell quit for ‘unknown reasons’ (like Kevin Costner before him —phew!)  and Baron Cohen had too many commitments to his project The Dictator. Having now seen both movies, Sacha should now be put on a 24 hour suicide watch.

So, welcome back Quentin. A world choked with the smug smog of smeg by Peter Jackson and James Cameron needed you back.

And why not, indeed ?

Good poster too.

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