That May Welby

Just a quick note to send many hearty congratulations to Justin ‘Marcus’ Welby who no longer is an M.D. but now an ABC, if the rumours are to be believed. Yes, the competition for the new Archbishop of Canterbury (no, I didn’t know we’d run out of the old one either) appears to be a shoe-in as even Messers J.Coral and P.Power seem to have stopped taking bets that Marcus will replace the Welsh Beardy-Weirdy as the head of the Church.

It’s about time that Welby had some luck. Having had to suffer the ignominy of Eton and Cambridge, and the hardship of being an Oil Executive for 11 whole years, it’s nice to see him getting a leg over up. This country needs more Eton Old Boys and products of Oxbridge in places of power and influence, especially when some of the ones we already have are in danger of being locked up following kiddy-fiddling cover-ups at the BBC and in Government. Thank heavens that none of that sort of thing goes on in Church.

So may I be the last to congratulate Mr Welbeing. And let that be the last time I write about him.


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