Not Very Posh

If only life had taken a slightly different turn, who knows ? I may have been a slim, handsome, fit bloke, former rugby international, catwalk model and loved by all who knew me. But that’s how life is. It all comes down to the roll of the dice, the rub of the green.

If life had treated these three a little different, perhaps Victoria and David Beckham would be living in a 1930s semi in Brentwood – he an unemployed former assistant manager at Asda, she a failed singer, writer and fashion designer… oh, wait a minute….

If Mr John Depp had turned out the way he is depicted below, he would surely be drinking in four times a week in my local boozer, The Shovel. He certainly wouldn’t stand out from the crowd if he did.

Fortunately (or otherwise) these are just ‘celebrity makeunders’ by New York artist Danny Evans and you can see lots more of his stuff here, if you so wish.  

I’m off up to the loft to dig out some pics of me that would fit in well with these. I’ve got hundreds of ’em.


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