The Way We Were #173

My deep felt thanks to a Mr V.Feltz of Le Mans in The People’s Republic of France, who took time off from his ironing to forward this excellent selection of 1970s adverts. Thank you Mr Feltz, now don’t forget the laundry.


2 thoughts on “The Way We Were #173

  1. It’s my firm belief that Willie Weasel did what the rest of the Tufties of 1970s Britians shoulda done at viewing such depression-provoking shite: promptly and forever cacked himself to escape the horror of it all. No wonder you people managed to survive Thatcherism, failed to die from the moral cancer of Blair, and now somehow withstand the radiation of Dave Inc: if you can take this stuff without ending up swinging from a rope, you can deal with anything.

    Oh, and if that weren’t horrid enough: have fun at the Euro.

    • I’d rather blame it on endless Rolf Harris (can you see what it is yet?) and the Black n White Minstrel show which paved the way for such misery in UK society. Lord alone knows what The One Show and The Voice will lead to in 40 years time.

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