Lost Weekend – But Only Just

Dear Trev and Bruce, thanks for the emails.

Personally I am glad the 3rd umpire didn’t give the score: Even though I thought the draw would have been a fair result, I’d much rather delay rugby’s inevitable descent towards a penalty shoot-out for a little while longer (why not have wider posts too???). I also thought if u heard, not read, Strettle’s comments that he came over extremely well- not whiney at all. He thought (as those of us who have ever been in that situation (Trev, u r excused) that he scored. But he didn’t dwell on it either.
Also the fact that ONLY he has mentioned the George North punch into touch (everyone who watched it in my house- even the women- saw it, but not the Kiwi ref) and no other member of the England set up has chosen to do so puts them in a good light. I’d hate to follow a team full of Conspiracy theorists (I’m guessing kiwis must therefore NOT be part of the anglo-saxon conspirancy, right) or not just blame the ref for bad mistakes but the fact that the whole world is against them (some international teams may as well be Scousers. Just where they still blame Thatcher for their shortcomings, you blame the rest of the world).

I had Wales to win by 25 points and Cuthbert to score first. I am pleased that I lost my money because the alleged powerhouses of northern rugby stumbled over the line against a scratch side, and neither of my bets looked remotely like coming in. And by the way the French “breezed” past the Jocks (I know, I know, fucking cheating ref) will give the English pause. But only pause that if they’d have had one more week together they’d have probably won the whole thing. French/Welsh World beaters ? Do me a Favour.

Oh well that’s saved me blogging- tho I think I’ll send it in as a reply.
On a blackberry, in another hospital.

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