Shot Put Smuggling

The Incumbent has taken to wearing our London 2012 Olympic T-shirts down the gym each morning. This morning nearly saw a coming together of her and the local Blue Rinse Brigade rep. The elderly lady was distracted elsewhere to avoid incident.

Lots of good comments about my girlfriend’s chest, though. (I hope it was just the design of the shirt the boys were looking at.)

The T-shirts are working ! (Not to mention the chest.)

(How you getting on with Seb Coe‘s  third ballot ticketing arrangement, then?)

3 thoughts on “Shot Put Smuggling

  1. That’s torn it…..
    Was due to comment positively on the earlier post of ‘Droogs and Cleverdicks’,thought it marked a return to the dizzy heights previously acheived by your melancholic rants…
    But now ,after blatantly advertising your wears on a chest ‘purported/ intimated’ to being that of the Incumbent,I see no future in any sympathy whatsoever and expect both your other readers to feel the same….

    YOU in one of your shirts merits an outpouring of the aforementioned elusive sympathy,but bringing in a modele…just not cricket old boy…

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