Oh Bugger

I’m not very patient. No, really I’m not.

I’m still persevering with my NHS walking stick and, to be honest, for the most part I feel a bit of a fraud. Ok, ok, I do still feel a little bit drunk all the time (at least that’s how I’m told it feels) so I understand I shouldn’t drive or operate heavy machinery, but most of the time I really don’t see the need to walk with a stick.

Right up to the time when I fall over, that is.

For some reason I list to starboard. Whenever I attempt to walk ten yards without the aid of my lump of wood, I end up scraping my shoulder on the wall, or taking dangerous lunges towards the kerb. It’s difficult to explain. At least I thought it would be before I remembered this:

Oh Bugger.

5 thoughts on “Oh Bugger

  1. This is my first ever blog, never done a twit, I avoid emails, texts, phone calls and only do talking to people in pubs after a few pints-then I know I make sense!

    From your sports photos, I have you down as

    Football, an old fashioned right half, Billy Bremner circa 1970!

    Rugby, a Dusty Hare, without the pace but with more hair!

    Cricket, a middle order batsman, who can swing it a bit I’m thinking a Chris Cowdrey.

    See you soon


  2. Mark.
    Let a 3rd party enlighten you …
    Football ? Tight nylon never suited him, supporter only once dropped by Dynamo Barnhurst ! A happy clapper, Charlton Athletic, you know the type …
    Rugby ? This is where the midfield wizardry comes to the fore. Hard-running, hard-tackling 12/13, but invariably wore his boots on the wrong foot as his kicking record will attest. Hair is a distant memory. Legendary in the bar.
    Cricket ? Correct in your assessment although most swings finish in misses. Pacey (one) swing bowler too. Again, bar presence probably the best part of his game.

  3. Jesus, I thought I’d have a little comic relief and instead walked into a Hemingway novel…

    I knew you’d go a long way for attention, Bealing — but the whole stroke/convalescence thing seems a bit outre….

    Seriously, glad to see you’re back to wobbly but walking — and very glad to hear that the NHS is up to speed with one of them high tech hard sticks… You know we give people robot legs over here now?

    • Ah well, you didn’t think I’d go quietly, did you? Yes the NHS are top notch as far as I’m concerned. Once they get rid of those leeches they’ll be even better.

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