The Blair Peach Project

So after all that, I thought it was about time you took a little breath and took in some considered thought. Honestly.

The Police (we are told by the BBC’s very impartial Nick Robinson) have been telling MPs that the only reason they were stand-offish during London riots the other night was because the last time there was a major disturbance on the streets of London, one of their member ended up on a manslaughter charge for acting too robustly.

So let me get this right: They are saying that the only alternative to killing middle-aged innocent newspaper vendors is to stand idly by and let teenagers burn down shops and houses and flats. Nothing in-between those two tactics ? Death or indolence.

It’s not been a great week or three for Pc Plod. They keep having to roll-up, and maybe sober-up, another Deputy Assistant Acting Commissioner, as the Met scurry to find a replacement for those top cops who have either been arrested, or have merely resigned in the belief they’re about to be arrested due to their culpability in the Murdoch/News International scandal.

Please, please let their new guvnor not be Sir Hugh Orde. Even by Police standards he has a face only a mother could love. He makes Ian Blair and Andy Hayman positively trustworthy.

Then three coppers show up to a riot only to find they’re slightly outnumbered. Not their fault, I know, (yes, you’re right, it’s the fault of holiday-loving George Osborne again) but nevertheless it seems a pretty poor show. Not that this is my main reason for putting pen to teller today.

If I had a grievance against the Old Bill (note the word if) I’d like to think I’d go and kick one or two of them in the goolies. If my beef was with the government (heaven forfend) I’d like to think me and my hoodie mates would attack Downing Street. Or maybe, just maybe I’d use my vote at the ballot box and vote the bastards out next time (I told you I’d mellowed).

If anyone can tell me what looting and torching, among other places, a party novelties shop in Clapham, poor and sheltered housing in Tottenham and a sandwich shop in Manchester has to do with some idiot coppers shooting a father you are a better man than me. That was a disgrace and heads should roll. They have a long and shameful track record of murdering people and it’s gotta stop. But what rent-a-mob have been up to since then has nothing to do with it. Anyone who says different is talking a load of old bollocks.

The Beeb are forever calling it “copycat violence”, or my favourite word of the week “thuggery” (which is still illegal in some states). Sadly I can’t find myself in a position to disagree with that. I’ve seen too many crying council house tenants who’ve fled their houses to think any other way at the moment. Maybe I’m just going pink.

You can see the despair and the shame on the faces of the poor community workers, people who have worked so hard with these kids (cos that’s what the majority are) to put them on the straight and narrow, only for them to set light to a furniture shop in Croydon and a Miss Selfridge in Salford in some bafflingly justified act of defiance against the man and the machine.

Do me a favour. Can you all fuck off home to your X-Boxes or PS3s, children?

I have decided that The Shovel can wait for a bit. I’ve had a particularly wobbly week: Too many dizzy spells and headaches for me to deal with for some reason, after making pretty good progress last week, so a trip up to the pub will have to be put on hold for a while.

I’m very happy that the NHS has provided me with a nice hard walking stick which, not only do I need to stand upright at the moment, will be deployed in a testicular-direction should any hood-wearing, leisure-suit donning little prick attempts to interfere with my or The Incumbent’s passage around the streets of Dartford.

Now I have to stop cos my new GP says I shouldn’t get would up. She reckons I have high blood-pressure (who’d a thunk it?).  I asked for a second opinion: She told me I was fat as well.

8 thoughts on “The Blair Peach Project

  1. The reason they’re after Mac shops and trendy outlets is because, unlike 10 Downing, you don’t run much risk running into hardened criminal elements like Dave, Rupe, or “I’ll turn any male gay with this hair of mine” Bex dah Broox while breaking into a store and legging it with a flat screen TV while your pal nicks all the vital internal organs in stock he can find. If your targets aren’t credible, neither is your offensive, and who’d call Tory Central credible (certainly not you, unless your mind is more fucked than we all thought. Before the “episode”, I mean.) Meanwhile, don’t lose sleep over riot creep: ain’t no hoodie going to turn up in Darftord looking to pillage unless the resale price for cranky old gits and cow shite considerably appreciates on the open market.
    Get well and go out among the people (or at least your impatiently awaiting friends), dammit. That’s an order.

  2. I love the way you simply describe the guy shot by the “idiot” police recently just as “a father”. Now I’m not judging what happened or whether heads should roll or not, I wasn’t there, but “bloke armed with an illegal firearm” whether a father or not is perhaps the way I would have put it.
    All loss of life is a tragedy we are all agreed.
    Anticipating your response, apologies to you and your GP 🙂
    I didn’t miss your main point however and am totally agreed, thuggery or whatever it should be called these riots are a disgrace and nothing to do with any particular cause. I blame the parents.

    • True, just stating fact of him being a father. The other fact being they lied when they said he shot at them, like they lied about ian Tomlinson (newspaper seller), and they lied about the brazilian backpacker, and about Blair Peach …etc etc
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  3. Fact – he was a father.Fact – he was an armed drug dealer.Diddums.
    Along with other vulnerable fathers – messrs Capone,Mugabe,Mussolini etc.
    Having witnessed the family frantically boarding up their Greek restaurant outside New Eltham station last night,I’ve polished up the baseball bat and put Clockwork Orange on loop.
    Get well soon.

    • Absolutely. If you go round waving guns- rubber to otherwise- at coppers you can expect to be shot. Just like if you’re balding, fat and middle-aged (Ian Tomlinson and me) you can expect to get fatally assaulted by her Maj’s finest when they fancy a quick kill. I’m with you both completely on the ritoer arseholse, just like Plod to murder fewer people.

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