Hate Mail

A letter published in The Daily Mail

“Wouldn’t it be great if TV coverage of the World Cup was limited to England’s games, those of hosts South Africa and of the tournament’s ‘big guns’. Then we would be spared the ordeal of having to sit through a match between Bongo Bongoland and the Former Soviet Republic of Bulimia and other meaningless events.”
Mike Phelps
Yeovil, Somerset

Here’s hoping this was a spoof letter, but seeing how The Mail added their own little headline, one suspects someone in Northcliffe House agreed with every word of it.

5 thoughts on “Hate Mail

    • You can assume what you like. I already worked for Desmond, Murdoch, and Maxwell, so I’m hardly picky. I’m trying to bring down the system from within.

  1. What I can’t figure out was why the Mail didn’t catch the obviously comical error about including England matches in the worthy-of-watching bunch. It’s pretty clear watching Bulimia take on Botulism would be a far less traumatic 90 minutes than taking on your man Green simulated another Thatcherian stroke episode…

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