The One with the Waggily Tail

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You’re never alone with a Strand, so the advert went. Cobblers! You’re never alone with a dog, I say. Unconditional love, always happy to see you and, if nothing else, if you’re all alone in a big house with the windows rattling and the stairs creaking, you can always rely on your hound to get as spooked as you are and curl up in bed next to you and keep you company.

As someone funny once said, when the doorbell goes, a dog more-often-than-not will rush towards it, as if it’s for him, when it invariably isn’t. Dogs are like 2 year-old kids: ever-loving, trusting and smiley, even when they’re pooing on your carpet. I met one the other day called Arthur, an excitable little chap, who wagged his tail at anyone he caught smiling at him and rolled over for his tummy to be tickled . Wish I could do that.

Dogs smell and moult and slobber on your furniture and whine when they want to go out and keep you up at night howling and chew the legs of your chairs and jump up on you with their muddy paws and skid across the lawn rubbing their arses and sniff each others arses and your goolies and lick their balls and yours and knock ornaments off shelves with their waggy tails, oh and they have a penchant for shagging your leg. But they do ALL this with their tongue hanging out and an inane grin across their doggy faces. They are comedy animals. Yes, always been a fan of yer canine.

But not cats. Evil, spiteful little things. Satan’s children. If there’s a cat section on ‘You’ve been Framed’ I turn it off. If there’s a Franklin Mint plate with kittens on it advertised in the Observer Magazine I refuse to part with my “four easy payments of £49.99”. Cats show no interest in you as you walk in the door (unless they’re starving), and even if you do feed them then go into the garden and half kill, half kill, mind you, some poor dicky bird or frog, bring it back into the kitchen where it squirms around the floor until you accidentally step on it with your bare feet or have to put it out of its misery with the aid of a hoover attachment. Cats are definitely not comedy animals. Horrible little bastards. And they know who in the room is allergic or has a phobia of them, as that’s the poor sod who the moggy makes for to march all over their laps, or bury its claws into their bum. Little fuckers.

So it was with great surprise and not a little mirth that I received a link for The first and only time I have laughed-out-loud at anything feline since Clarence in Daktari. If I’m ever forced at gunpoint to own a puss, I want this one:


or this one


This bloke has gone a bit too far (or even a Bridge Too Far), if you ask me


And there’s the added bonus that, once you’ve stopped laughing, you’d have no qualms in kicking the little sod up the arse.


8 thoughts on “The One with the Waggily Tail

  1. smell ? moult ? slobber ? muddy paws ? try to hump your leg with tongue hanging out ? are you describing a dog or gordon holton ? confused.

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