True Colours

Smiling Assassin

Smiling Assassin

Has the Gonk finally done for Gordon? On the day when even the corduroy-clad hacks at the Guardian are calling for the PM’s resignation and just a day after The Home Secretary (sic) bravely ran away from office to spend more time with her old man’s porn ficks, the thieving ginger dwarf timed her moment to perfection and jumped ship just 24 hours before the government faces meltdown at the polls, throwing the reshuffle into chaos. Surely now it’s time for Gordon Brown (texture like dung) to man the barricades as No10 is rapidly morphing into Rorke’s Drift. Trouble is, not only are the Zulu’s coming to get him, but his own men (and women) are sharpening their bayonets and waiting to catch Lt Brown off his guard. The 4ft 10 (that’s about 6 cms tall for our European readers) has, as Michael White of the Guardian put it “stabbed him in the front”, and has left him mortally wounded, hemorrhaging in front of the opposition at this afternoon’s PMQs. I can hardly bear to watch. Lord Haw Haw would have been proud of her. Let’s hope she doesn’t have an accident on that motorbike.

There is no doubt that GB is a deluded, sad little soul, who’s totally misjudged every other decision he’s had to make since seizing office from Blair (who first introduced us to Smith and Blears). VAT, Gurkhas, Youtube etc etc. the list goes on. Perhaps his worst mistake was employing all these parasites and fraudulent arses around him, people who can steal taxpayers money, look the camera in the eye and tell the nation they’ve done nothing wrong. Well he’s paying for those mistakes now. He doesn’t seem particularly nasty or evil, just misguided, misbriefed and mistaken. His inability to gauge public anger over the expenses row was astonishing. It smacked of arrogance and has left him with little or no respect in the country.

Hang your head

Hang your head

So the gruesome twosome have sunk their fangs into his buttocks, kneed him in the goolies and buggered off just before he demoted them. Gordon may as well lock himself away with a bottle of scotch and a service-issue revolver. The headline in the Metro this morning read “The Blair Babes are Revolting” They certainly are.

3 thoughts on “True Colours

  1. The end is never dignified. Is it better to have fangs sunk into your buttocks or to be savaged by a dead sheep? When you gotta go……

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