Send in the Clowns ?

Reports of circus performers stranded all over the world due to a British Immigration cockup conjure up (gedditt????) all sorts of wonderful images. Clowns and trapeze artists are left, passport-less, from the Ukraine to Ulan Batur because the Brits can’t process their visa applications quick enough. As one concerned circus-owner put it:
“The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. I have got a clown who is using a flying trapeze artist as his stooge because his stooge is stranded in Mexico. It is a mess.”
Well, it could be worse. What if the Clown above had to stand in as a trapeze artist? His partner would be left swinging in the air holding a pair of large red shoes ! I’ve been searching for ages for queues of funny men in red-noses at Heathrow, squirting flowers at passport officers. Or their plane landing , 7oo clowns dismbark and immediately all the doors and wings fall off. Erm…that wasn’t one at Schiphol the other day, was it?

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