Friction Burns

The world is in recession
And this week, across the pond
Hope has sprung eternal
For their country, not beyond

For Obama’s in the white house
McCain has had his chips
But we have two dour Scotsmen
Who are giving me the pip

The Timerous Beastie, Gordon
Is told to lose the frown
But his smile’s just as Scary
The future’s looking Brown

His mate next door, named Ally
Is bailing out the banks
And saving fat cats bonuses
Without so much as thanks

The rest of are horrified
The country’s gone to pish
We shout and moan and protest
He tells us Haud yer Wheesht

Job prospects aren’t too rosy
In fact they’re looking Dreek
I won’t need no Sarkozy
To cut my working week

The British Pound’s in freefall
It’s dipped below the euro
And no-one has the faintest clue
In Gordon’s Politburo

So no sweet nothings, Darling
Our time will come, don’t worry
You two wee jocks have gone to pot
Thank Christ for Andy Murray

By Mike McBealing

A wee one, afore ye go?

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