Peter Seamus Lorcan O’Toole (2 August 1932 – 15 December 2013)

While filming ‘Lawrence Of Arabia‘, O’Toole organised a date for Omar Sharif with “sex-swap pioneer” April Ashley. When Sharif found out that, um, all was not as it appeared, he chased O’Toole around the house with a meat cleaver.

He once went out for a drink in Paris… and woke up in Corsica.

Drinking buddies... O'Toole and Richard Harris

Drinking buddies… O’Toole and Richard Harris

He also loved climbing. His party piece was drunkenly scrambling up the wall of Lloyd’s Bank in Covent Garden. He used to scale it in his “Sunday shoes”.

While shooting ‘The Lion In Winter’, O’Toole cut off the top of his finger in a boating accident. He popped the finger in some brandy he was drinking, before pushing it back into place and wrapping with a bandage. Three weeks later he took the bandage off, and found he’d put it on the wrong way round, “probably because of the brandy, which I drank,” explained O’Toole.

He went out boozing with Michael Caine when he was O’Toole’s understudy for ‘The Long And The Short And The Tall‘ at the Royal Court Theatre in 1959. The last thing Michael Caine remembered was eating egg and chips, before waking up in a strange flat with a headache. “What time is it?” he inquired. “Never mind what time it is,” said O’Toole. “What f***ing day is it?” Two days had passed and they were due on stage in three hours.


Jeffrey Bernard (left) with O’Toole, enjoy a glass of lunch

On one epic session with Peter Finch in Ireland, they tried to order drinks at a small bar after closing time. The landlord refused to serve them, so they wrote out a cheque and bought the bar. Thankfully he didn’t cash it, and they ripped it up the following morning.

(drinking stories via yahoo news)

1 thought on “Peter Seamus Lorcan O’Toole (2 August 1932 – 15 December 2013)

  1. The late actor will remain eternally feted and famous for building an entire career on not one, but two phallic names. Why he hasn’t been awarded an Oscar for that alone is beyond me.

    Your faithful servant,

    Dick McSchlong, Esq.

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