Bonjour, Bonjour, Bonjour

Now here’s a bloke who’s apparently world famous in France. He appears to be hell-bent on upsetting the rozzers. He must be black & blue from the beatings he takes, all in the name of been rather funny.

Je suis non parlez le Francis very good, but it seems to be this is an advert for an upcoming movie or tv show. If I knew anyone who lived across the Channel who could actually speak the language, I’d ask him.

Til then, enjoy Remi Gaillard and his never-ending quest to annoy coppers. Shame on him !

I caught by the fuzz once, but that’s another story.

3 thoughts on “Bonjour, Bonjour, Bonjour

  1. I feel horribly conflicted. I’m laughing my bollox off at him, not because he’s French but because he’s actually funny. Great Benny Hill Show chasing too. He’s got some stones the fellah – Bravo.

  2. You’re aware that ingesting large volumes of liquid with narcotic affects does less significant and lasting damage to the brain than partaking in this sort of visual coprophagia, yes? So next time you catch yourself watching Baz T. Chavv stick his arm up his nostril past the elbow on the Baz T. Chavv Pick His Snotter channel on Youtube, or find yourself unable to resist the laugh attack that Lionel Blair has fallen victim to in watching the zany antics of his friend C. Biggins on Auntie’s new “BBC’s Hemmorhoidic Heroes page, run (do not walk) and grab the promotional sized bottle of plonk–or go outside and siphon your own gas tank till empty–and feel the glow or (relative) good health flow through your mind. Do it now. At this rate, you’ll be doing critiques of royalty interviews by ex-cheerleaders left infirm and doddering by massive strokes–and I think we’d all rather see you dead before that happens. Let me re-phrase that last bit…

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