Oh, That Fellow Morgan !

A crooked line-out throw, two neck tackles (both by Brian Williams on JPR), a couple of knock-ons, a forward pass or two, 30 pairs of enormous sideburns.

One great commentary.

Cliff Morgan, who has died today, was arguably an even better asset to Rugby Union behind the mic than he was on the pitch as he was as an international Fly Half. Mind you, he was pretty good at both. I’m only old enough to remember him as a Captain on A Question of Sport and he was skilled at that too. He was very Welsh and very proud of it too. He always came across as a genuinely charming bloke too.

Chiefly, though, he will be remembered for the most memorable of descriptions of one of the great tries of all time , probably second only to that solo effort I scored against Canvey Island in 1989. (You had to be there.)



4 thoughts on “Oh, That Fellow Morgan !

  1. How amusing to look back at the lineout at the beginning of that clip. All that jumping and flapping. Puts me in mind of messrs Roberts and Moore in what passed for their heyday. The flapping, I mean. Not the jumping, obviously.

  2. I think I was there for your Canvey try which was indeed the better of the two. Chiefly, mind you, as you were playing behind our second row and number 8 of Gavin, Julian and Howard vs theirs of Stitch Knuckles and Bacon.
    (Comments noted Blakey….guilty as charged).

  3. They only won because of the long grass. Mind you, the tea, scones and cucumber sandwich tea they laid on afterwards was spiffing. Thoroughly recommended as an away fixture … my head still hurts.

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