3 thoughts on “Who’s the Wallaby in Your Tucker Bag, Mate ?

  1. Admittedly no rugby really broke out…but such are the machinations of professional sport these days I s’pose…? Still…nail- biting stuff…not that mine had grown back from previous weeks’ decimation…
    Need to see some evidence of the skillsets that looked in abundance on paper when squad/ Test sides announced…Everyone been playing ‘cautiously’within themselves…?
    Too late to play ‘trump card(s)’ once series gone…
    My dèja- vu radar at code red…

  2. Another perfectly good blog ruined ! The sooner they fill that bloody channel tunnel back in the better. – and blow up that bloody bridge that costs 6 1/2 quid to get into Welchville while they’re at it …

    • I can’t wait for his verdict on Gatland’s Welsh & Welsh Lions performance this weekend. Personally I have opted to paint white gloss on white gloss skirting boards. Much more entertaining.

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