5 thoughts on “Chin Music: A Whole New Meaning

  1. The reporter for “The Convict and Indiginous Slaughter” claims Root was being racist in his use of the wig as a beard.

    What is the inside story from the mother country?

    • Heard that yesterday from a Strine on Facebook, but from no other source. I wondered if root was taking the piss out of the Aussie Immigrant Spinner selection policy — as it was a green gold wig he was using as a beard. Pretty sure ACB would mention racism if indeed that was the case.

    • I am loving the story that a pissed Strine did it to “defend the name of Islam” . Hand me those straws to clasp at

  2. Root was out for a 2am stroll and stopped in at the walkabout for an iced tea and was set upon – that’s BBC Salford’s story and i’m sticking to it.

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