Mine, All Mine, I Tell Ya !

Should North Korea calm down a bit, and we’re not plunged into WWIII; if this latest in a series of Ice Ages which we’re experiencing finally thaws for a little while; if Gideon Osborne doesn’t lead us all a merry dance into the jaws of Hell and Damnation; if the world doesn’t end just because society allows women priests & gay marriage; if those 6 lottery balls don’t drop in the correct order, allowing me to off-fuck to the Turks & Caicos Islands where I shall be waited upon 24 hours a day by the fragrant Wei Leng and her sister, the slightly over-ripe Mildred; should my suspected case of IBS clear up enough for me to spend any time at all slightly more than 27 yards away from a bathroom; should I not be called upon by Andy Flower to come out of retirement to lead the bowling attack against the Aussies this summer (when we all know my 7 year old niece Petunia could roll that lot over); and, indeed, should there be any Australian professional cricketers who make the trip over to the UK this summer, having avoided being dropped or sent home by the latest management numpties, then I shall be at Lords on Sunday 21st July to hopefully witness an innings and small change defeat of the Colonials/Inmates XI.

Thank you , Mr Postman.




Telly Selly Time:


3 thoughts on “Mine, All Mine, I Tell Ya !

  1. Saw this a couple of days back…My initial worry is that perhaps by day four …
    Oh…this is the topsy turvy world of English cricket…so who knows where they will be in the world ‘pecking’ order by the near end of July…? Snazzy ticket or what? Very Rock n’Roll?!

  2. I’ll have to take your word/ opinion for that…?
    Good to see you back in more regular blogging mode…

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