Absinthe Friends

trevor Roberts Beer

Pictured during the Sharp Single’s 4th Anniversary Celebrations, held at the Huhne & Gove Wine Bar, Sidcup. Mr P de Paris drinks from a glass-blown replica of the legendary ‘Nose of  Heckler’.  Interpol are distributing a description of the jacket to all schools, hospitals and border agencies. Photo—Bing Indisheaves.


4 thoughts on “Absinthe Friends

  1. Indeed…
    ‘Nose of heckler’…Inspired !
    Just another quiet night out in Paris…
    As a result have run away to money- pit,this despite match tickets for tonight’s clash of the Wooden Spoon nominees being two a penny( € equivalent).

  2. Interesting that the legend should describe Mr de Paris as ‘drinking’ when the photographic evidence could just as easily report that ‘Mr P. de Paris points a receptacle full of liquid in the general direction of his mouth’. To suggest he was ‘drinking’ somehow leads one to imagine that, ultimately, he successfully emptied said receptacle when, in fact, the truth may be considerably less impressive. But, then, why let daylight in on magic? Probably best that we never know.

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