Westminster Food Hard to Swallow

Sainsbury’s costing the earth ? Tesco bill soaring (serves you right for shopping there in the first place) Even Morrisons starting to get a bit toppy ? Don’t even mention Waitrose or M&S.

No worries: help is at hand: Get yourself a proper job and when you’re not claiming for the weekly shop for your lover’s second home, grab yourself a subsidised meal in this terrific little restaurant I’ve discovered in Westminster. You’ll find fiddling your expenses a lot easier job to do on a cheap, full stomach.  And you can always write off breakfast as a business expense too !


4 thoughts on “Westminster Food Hard to Swallow

  1. Tip; Bring a briefcase and you can double up with take-aways. They never catch on, and if they did, i’d sue, i have experience in that field you know.

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