A Last Minute Christmas Gift

All Clear

Finally got the results of the last scan from the man doing the Chief Consultant impressions up at the Hospital and it all seems to be ok at last. He has taken off the rat poison (Warfarin) and put me onto the aspirin – tho keeping me on statins and heart tablets. So hopefully my blood will start thickening up , I’ll cease bleeding like a Romanov and I can at last get bleedin’ warm this winter.

Says if I do have another stroke, it will be unrelated to me previous ones. I have no idea if that is a good or a bad thing.

 He had no answer about my obese state, however. Fortunately, I have a good track record of losing weight over the last ten days of December.

So, if you were thinking of giving a loved one a shed load of Warfarin for Christmas, I know where you can get some at a very competitive rate.

10 thoughts on “A Last Minute Christmas Gift

  1. Good news mate , glad to hear it…….what you doing over Christmas and new year, we’re off to Dundee tomorrow for Christmas and back for ‘Hogmany’, if you’re not doing anything you’re welcome to join us, Shaun and dav, Rab and Sian and Doug and his missus Michelle are all coming. Have a good one mate either way! Steve

    Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2012 18:58:43 +0000 To: stwhunter@hotmail.com

    • Hi mate, I think new year wil come-and-go without incident. But we must get together at some stage in the new year for a pint. regards to all.


  2. Great news,good to be off the warfarin I feel…had been making you far too cheerful!
    Could use your leftovers here…Only on day 4 ( of 11, but who’s counting) and this in the company thus far of just one family member! The other 8 and portable menagerie arrive in two waves tomorrow…
    Could be my last broadcast before going on the run from Interpol…

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