A Reader Writes…

Friday, 8 June 2012, 22:40
…or maybe a writer reads.
Anyway, one of our regulars submits:
I’ve just seen a report on BBC News about conceptual art. Please urgently tell me where I can buy one of those magnificent blank canvases, the bigger the better, and preferably at a price way beyond my means so that I can casually drop the “investment” into the conversation next time I share a glass of tap water with my immensely influential chums at the Pie ‘n’ Mash Brasserie. Or not.
A Bientot

4 thoughts on “A Reader Writes…

  1. Ooh touchy ! Who said that was about you ? I was referring to one of your old drinking buddies from your Railways Cuttings days, a certain Mr A Hitler, with me now ?

    • I do. And I’ll have you know he gave up gardening for a while to watch the rugby yesterday. That was worth it, then ?


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