80 Mins of Hurt

The England Team to face Wales at Twickenham tomorrow.

15. Can’t tackle
14. Overrated
13. Samoan
12. South African
11. Boy band member
10. First receiver
9. Who cares
8 Welsh reject
7. Warbuton’s breakfast
6. Wishes he was welsh
5. Also South African
4. ask Xavier rush
3. Overweight
2. Kiwi
1. Never heard of him

2 thoughts on “80 Mins of Hurt

  1. Hope the doomongers/ doommongers? amongst your readership are proven correct.
    An exciting game with Wales out of sight with 20 minutes to go and letting forwards kick to touch,take penalties,drop goals etc would be ideal,but will settle for a damn good thrashing of the Goliath character…

    Just a half decent game then?!

  2. Haha, one typically gloomy Englishman after we’ve just won 2 out of 2 (unconvincingly I know) and one overconfident Taff dreaming of a Grand slam. Nothing ever changes huh…

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