This is not Soccer

Welshmen: An Apology.

During past rants, I may or may not have been discourteous or downright rude about the Welsh-speaking peoples of the world. I would like to make it clear that I do not hold all Welshmen in such low regard – just the boring, long-winded, opinionated, chippy ones (that should cover most of em). However, I would like to make it clear that referee Nigel Owens is not included in this group. For now at least.

Owens comes in for a lot of criticism, often from me, but you will not find The Sharp Single in anything but total agreement with how he handled the situation during this match. Thank you, Mr Owens. Let’s hope someone from FIFA, UEFA or the FA is reading this.

Well said, Nigel. And long may it remain not soccer.


8 thoughts on “This is not Soccer

  1. There’s lovely Nigel…
    Properl authority .

    As for the thinly veiled ‘apology’ to some ‘Welsh/Welsh-speakers” then may I say,and not in a shy way Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwrndrobwyllantisiliogogoch
    Or words to that effect…
    Not before time too!

  2. I happened to catch this match and good ‘ol Nigel was having none of it from either side. His quote, “This is not soccer” said it all. I agree footy ref’s need to take note from Mr. Owens.

  3. This post essentially amounts to saluting a serial killer for helping an old blind woman cross the street, or paying his taxes: small gestures of sanity and civility that in no way offset the carnage he has (and will do elsewhere). The correct reply to Owens was, “Yes, you are the referee. But you’re also a self-important, smug, officious prick with a faulty whistle who has disrupted, maimed, or simply ruined so many fucking matches that your observation invites this day glow rejoinder: how the fuck is it that someone as monumentally incompetent as you are *is* a referee? And you can ponder that existential stumper along with Wayne Barnes the next time you two lie aside one another in post-coitus bliss while handing the towel back and forth to remove the malodorous fecal smears from yourselves”.

    Indeed, good thing you didn’t hail Barnes or I’d get stroppy.

      • Speaking of fecal smears (and politicians. Well, nearly): have you seen what the first thing Google returns these days when you do a search for “Santorum”? I wish I knew how to make that happen when you type in the name of a certain fat fuck shit-stain hateful asshole Scouser we know…

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