7 thoughts on “Recession Buster

  1. I say chaps ,have to note that our intrepid trio didn’t exactly sound if they were short of a bob or two….
    One thinks perhaps that the vending machine in question couldn’t possibly have been anywhere overly deprived,otherwise it would have been shaken and rattled somewhat sooner…
    Nonetheless having seen them in action I do hope they are now doing something successful post Uni,maybe in some kind of think- tank at daddies’ multinational?!

  2. Ha ha! Fantastic! This reminds me of your mischief on the not so wonderful vending machine at the Telegraph. Using the best invention in the world ‘The Post-it note’ you slapped one against the ‘Free Vend’ button (water) with the words ‘Vend is Innocent’ !!! it was there for weeks, funny times! Hope your doing well Mike.

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