Service Update

Good morning

I had hoped to be limping around the hospital grounds on my sticks or at least a zimmer frame by now, cheerily answering all your emails but I fear the damage and the drugs have left me dizzy, drained and sickly.

Have cancelled visitors for a while at least til I can be sure not to throw up on them. Hopefully by next week I’ll be back to my old miserable self.

Please don’t take offense, I’m just not very well.
Thanks again for your v kind thoughts. And of course, come on England !

2 thoughts on “Service Update

  1. hello fatty. how’s the media blackout going ? will pop over for tea and custard creams (are you listening kate ?) once you’ve stopped snivelling and are up for some proper abuse … yours, hooter.

    • Getting there mate. Once my bonce stops spinning I should ne fine. No blackout except in my head. Sorry if I gave that impression.

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