The Traditional School Carol Concert

This is starting to get creepy.  Our old favourite (see Lenin and McCarthy) seems to have acquired a bit of a cult following. I think this is what da kids call going viral. Nevertheless, is this really what Christmas is all about ?

Vodpod videos no longer available.


I played the part of 3rd shepherd in Normandy Junior School’s production of the Nativity. It was going fine until one of the sheep wet herself. To be fair, she had previous. There were few weeks at school when she didn’t wet herself, though admittedly she rarely dressed as a farm animal. You’ve never seen kids scatter so quickly. I had to leave the stage to be sick in the fire bucket. I’ve been traumatised by school productions ever since.

7 thoughts on “The Traditional School Carol Concert

    • Not for a long time. I needed a shot of something strong to get through it. Can’t remember the drink’s name
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  1. I’m pretty sure, even as a young kid, I, too, would have had the presence of mind to insist I be allowed to wear a mask before being forced partake in something so fucking asshole-gapingly stupid. One wonders what excuse the crowd had for not slipping their undies over their heads in a single, shame-driven reflex.

    Why do I get the feeling The Sharp Single will now forever being inflicting any new renditions of this catatonic drone-spasm it can hunt down–The Spice Girls reunion does “Wall-Eyed Soviet Freak Hum”, or “Oasis Sings the Communist Lurch’s Song While Sounding Like Other Bands”, etc.

    • You are certainly more likely to see similar stuff here than you would, say, X-Factor finalists or Eminem’s Christmas Anthem. Though stay tuned for more Chas n Dave.

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