Lenin and McCarthy

The old Soviet Union could be a tough place to live. According to some commentators food shortages and the suspension of personal liberties were commonplace. The absence of a free press and freedom of speech was a constant worry. Censorship was also rife in the arts. Some songs were completely stripped of all lyrics. Please give generously.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

One last thought: Is he miming ?

8 thoughts on “Lenin and McCarthy

    • Could you image being told there was a fantastic act on at the local pub , you yomped through muddy fields and over hedges to see it, paid good money to the organiser to keepo the act on til you got there and you were then confronted with THIS ???

  1. Miming? I think he’s mumming. Oh, and don’t look now, but the vision-assaulting designer of the set in the clip has done up your entire blog in the same style.

  2. I resemble the remark about the blazer,though think anyone wearing to a wedding next year would look extraordinarily smart.
    Personally though think the guy is either a frustrated ventriloquist or is sending some sort of message by code.
    Clever buggers those ruskies.
    Will contact Cliff directly re a possible translation…

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