Why can’t I have this guy reading the sport bulletin on my morning tv ? He’s magnificently awful, and I thought the BBC had the monopoly on dreadful sports reporters. I openly apologise to Mike Bushell: There actually is someone worse than you.

I think it’s the off-camera despairing sigh that particularly tickles me. Or maybe it’s the stunned looks on his co-hosts at the end ? Either way, the Beeb have an obvious candidate for a scabbing replacement next time their journos go on strike.

7 thoughts on “…News…er…

    • Well thanks to cutbacks (we’re all this together, you know) you’ll just have to get used to that sort of half-baked, poorly thought-out journalism. I have laid off all my fact checkers (the spell checkers went munths ago), have cut back advertising and marketing to almost nothing and decimated the Sharp Single newsroom by replacing experienced and respected journalists with mac operators. The plans have been shelved to roll up the Railway Cuttings office and attempt report on the whole world from New York (what a moronic idea that was !) The bureau in Neston, just outside Liverpool will remain with a skeleton staff (it being the birthplace of modern journalism.) I expect to put the whole site behind a paywall within the next quarter.

      • So long as there’s no crimping on the Page Three photos. Would be criminal if one of the pair were lost to something as triffling as having no money.

        One suggestion, though, if you want your organizational directives and reporting innovations to sound really convincing and inspiring: state the last phrase of each sentence three times in varying lengths. Three times in varying lengths. Three times, varying. Makes you think “credible, bull-shit free editor” right there, don’t it?

  1. BBC, worst sports reporting ? When ITV have Adrian Childs as front man ? I think not my dear Oscar. If ITV are looking for a replacement for John Taylor, that jug-eared sherman clown certainly fits the bill.

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