Seeing Red

With the news of a possible sale to the owners of The Boston Red Sox, the well-known dyslexic rounders team, it seems Liverpool FC’s problems may soon be at an end. Mr Hicks, it would seem, is finally on his toes. It doesn’t surprise me, really, having looked at this video. I wouldn’t argue with this lot.

6 thoughts on “Seeing Red

  1. Jaysus, what a mob of fucking cry-babies. You’d think football–especially English football–isn’t entirely about money today; that poor-pore Liverpool is the only club that got addicted to cash and started screaming at its dealing when it couldn’t cop a high anymore. Okay: sell the Reds to Bob fucking Geldoff and watch him send every cent of that filthy, evil money fans hate so much he can generate to Africa (for purposes of acquiring snow at Christmastime). I’m sure the fucking Scousers will be happy as god damned clams as they speed–money-free–past Leeds towards the purified depths of English football’s paupers. Dumbfuck whiners.

  2. “We’re Liverpool, we deserve something better.” Oh please, they were a big club, they have a good history but the fact is that they’re on the slide and have been since long before those 2 showed up. Do the overpaid w@nker players on £50-100k a week take no blame ? Or is Steeeeevie Geeee and his gangsta wannabee chums beyond reproach. And as for all the celeb fans, if they care that much about it, why don’t they dig into their own pockets and front up the dough to “jog them on” as they so succinctly put it, or isn’t that how it works ? Victimpool you make me puke !
    Rant over. You can have the soap box back and pass me the tramadol.

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