4 thoughts on “Time Space Continuum

  1. Pretty much yes I would imagine it’s just you…
    Not sure 1963 is at the forefront of the minds of many of your readership,despite its’ life changing events…(pretty relevant for me,anyway)…
    JFK YES (U.S. president wasn’t he?),but Jack Ruby?,Lee Harvey Hello there?
    Just random comedy names to most sub 45 yr olds I reckon….
    Think it may be something to do with a ‘photographic’ memory that you possess…
    Get that into yr C.V. a.s.a.p. s.v.p.?!

  2. Oh,how very dare he…
    Doesn’t he understand the full implications of re-charging ones’ batteries in order that they ‘may’ again operate to full effect one day?
    Besides, I for one am not missing the loathesome undertones of the Sharp Single when it was being created amidst all the pressures of a capitalist society…
    Free speech AND free time I say…
    More power to you …

  3. Ignoring the ramblings of the comedy fatman who now needs reinforced furniture – i kid you not (details given upon application) that was brilliant !

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