Pint of Order, Mr Chairman

To keep in line with our competitors (News International, The FT, Which Outboard Motor), The Sharp Single is considering the option of a charge to view these pages. A full internal inquiry is under way to discuss the cost to our readers, but early indications are that it will be in the region of two pints of Guinness-per-day or a gallon-a-week. Obviously the whole industry will be watching closely, and the board hope to announce it’s findings by the end of the year or December, whichever is sooner.

Readers are asked to send their thoughts, suggestions or cases of beer to:

The Thirsty-Looking Fat Bloke in the Corner,
The Crown Public House
Tranquil Vale
London SE3.

Please remember to mark the envelope Gasping for Knowledge


7 thoughts on “Pint of Order, Mr Chairman

  1. Anyone who drinks in the Crown deserves to be paid. I’ll chuck a few pennies in the corner next time I’m slumming it.

  2. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a bit of enterprise and I applaud the concept of paying for what you receive ….however, having read the content of this “site” off and on for the past few months (well, ever since you left us, really), I do believe you have the payment process “ar*e about t*t” – surely you should be paying us for the commitment (and promise) to keep returning ?

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