The Conveyor Belt

If you’re sitting at home, trying to remember what the last batch of Tories were like, help is at hand. I can bring all those memories flooding back:

Now, doesn’t that give you a nice warm feeling all over? Like the time you tried to slit your wrists in the bath ?

But never fear, dear reader. Just put your cross in the wrong box tomorrow and, on Friday, you can start to enjoy the class of 2010: Same old lovely, trustworthy, salt-of-the-earth sort of chaps.

I say you can enjoy it, I shall be under the duvet crying into my bottle of scotch. Put the cat out for me, would you ?


6 thoughts on “The Conveyor Belt

  1. Come now,Seasonal Affective Disorder long behind you,these pantomime baddies are only the antithesis of those playing for United (or City) depending on ones’ persuasion…
    You can really blend the whole bunch of elected politicians worldwide into a huge melting pot of corruption and up to no goodness….
    So whomsoever is voted in, will be the perceived saviours(by the majority of voters anyway) until maybe the middle of next week…
    If however a hung parliament comes to the fore…
    Who will the voting public be able to blame then?!
    “Oh yes he did”/”Oh no he didn’t”,”That’s the way to do it”….You see where the whole pantomime theme came from?
    Life will not be over… IF (City) for arguments’ sake …get in… it’s just the role of villain(s) have been re-cast.
    Sit back and enjoy the farce.
    P.s. The view much better from a considerable distance…

  2. VOTE DAVE I tells yer, he’s a good honest down to earth bloke. I’ve even seen him with a pint of beer in his hand.

  3. Champagne socialist with your Blackcurrant device…
    Tasering too good for over here.Shoot first ask questions later…no responses from victims if fatal, saves on paperwork.

    “Yes sir”

    “I’m transferring you to the SPG”…

    “Thankyou sir”

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