Gordon Bennett !


DON’T start smiling at old women when they moan about “all these East Europeans”.

DON’T ask her, afterwards, how her grandchildren are and thank her for talking to you.

DON’T smile out of context and wish her a fond farewell.

DON’T carry your radio mic into your car and spout off about what a disaster that was and ranting about what a bigoted old bag she was.

DON’T go onto a prime-time radio show and hold your head in your hands when they playback the tape of what you said in the car.

DON’T THEN go back to that bigoted old woman and apologise (in private) to her about what the press told her you said.

DON’T THEN come out of her house and tell the massed hacks (again, smiling out of context) that you “misunderstood what she said”

AND DON’T keep looking like a PRAT.

DO tell old bags like this, TO HER FACE, that she IS a bigoted old woman, if that’s what you think, and that a socialist (small ‘s’) society has no time for views like hers and that you’re sure the BNP will enjoy her support.

DO tell her to stop reading the The Mail, the The Express and The Sun

DO explain what European immigration has done for the economy and why the ebb and flow of immigration benefits us all.

AND DO stop telling people what you think they want to hear, NOT what you what you actually believe in.

AND DO get rid of the arseholes who are currently advising you on this Oozalum campaign of yours.

THEN you will definitely get my vote.

But for Christ’s sake give me a decent excuse. I’m trying my best, mate !


8 thoughts on “Gordon Bennett !

  1. You forgot the “Do” grab all the so-excited-I-may-wet-myself journalists in range and swing them by the goolies while issuing the journalistic challenge “I called her a ‘bigoted woman’. Find a single factual error in that phrase, or shut the fuck up”.

    Actually, though the head-to-the-floor bow-down outside her house was bad enough, I think Gordie’s low moment came during his initial chat with her, when he sought to feign earnestness in complimenting her “I think working with children is *wonderful*!” Jesus, if you get that giggy about it, Gord, become a priest.

  2. I thought I was waching a new episode of The Thick of It. Could just imagine Olly and Glenn blaming each other in the back of that car.

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