Iran the Country Into the Ground

It’s a familiar, depressing tale of an abuse of democracy. The masses exercised their right as a nation and went to the polls, the result was a clear vote of no-confidence in the ruling party, but the incumbent regime refused to acknowledge the will of the people and ignored the result. Riot police took to the streets suppressing any voice of dissent, and people disappeared without trace.

The election, seen by many as the first real chance to rid the country of this hard-line, extremely unpopular ruler, were overseen by neutral observers from El Daily Taligraph and all the indications were that President McMad Ahmanidiot was in for a bloody nose. But the ailing leader of the once dominant Nula-Bour Party flatly refused to accept the will of the people, and it was clear by this morning that he had no plans to leave the office which he’d enjoyed ever since he’d seized power from the Huge Profit Toh Ni-Blah two years ago. The President, his fingernails missing ever since he was tortured in a north Tehran restaurant by Ni-Blah’s henchman Ahlistah, showed little sign of remorse or regret over his flagrant denial of the facts in front of him—indeed he appeared on the popular tv channel YusufTube smiling out of context, praising his people, and promising to clean up politics and government.

C'mon then yer bastards ! Who wants some ??

C'mon then yer bastards ! Who wants some ??

Things hadn’t been going well for McMad as disaster followed scandal, followed crisis for his embattered ruling party. Earlier in the year several of his closest allies and advisers had been exposed as being corrupt. Some had been found to have claimed tens-of-thousands of Iran Rials (1 rial—$0.000008) for second tents, one claimed expenses for belly-dancers for her husband, others bought Persian rugs and camel-houses using taxpayers money.

In the run-up to the election, four of the President’s favourite members of his harem resigned (in what was to become known as The Night of the Wrong Wives) and all seemed lost for the Government. Yet Ahmanidiot stubbornly refused to go when the results came in last night. The head of the feared riot police, the notorious Nah Kar of El Yard ordered his men onto the streets, and thousands of young protesters were cornered (by a tactic know as Wilson Betty and Keppelling) and there were even reports of an aged papyrus vendor being indiscriminately attacked and murdered by thugs with shields and clubs.

A meeting of the Tehran Young Toorees at The Shah Magdela Snatcher Memorial Execution Square

A meeting of the Tehran Young Toorees at The Shah Magdela Snatcher Memorial Execution Square

The leader of the opposition Tooree party, Sheikh Karmarohn called foul and demanded McMad bow to the country’s will. Karmarohn and his other six sitting MPs, have been clamouring for Ahmanidiot to ask the supreme leader, Ayatollah Kweenee to dissolve parliament. Traditionally elected by the wealthy and privileged, these Seven Pillocks of Wisdom have recently attracted a wider support from across all sections of the country, with policies such as pulling Iran out of the Middle East, tax breaks for camel owners and even calls for the return to government of the once-hated, now ailing Shah of Grantham. Some observers feel it only inevitable that The Toorees join forces with the hated ultra-nationalist and anti-semitic Iranian Jackboot Alliance (IJA), who have become a major threat to Karmarohn’s party forming the next government.

But for now Ahmanidiot looks to have weathered the storm. Expect swathes of new initiatives and decrees to issued from the Government over the next few days and weeks as MacMad seeks to consolidate his position, not just within his own party, but with the demoralised electorate. The secret but widely-rumoured program to plant huge fields windmills in the desert to capture energy for “peaceful” means shows no signs of letting up. The controversial McIDiot card scheme still seems set to be put into practise, and fears remain that all the time the President is advised (some would even say bullied) by the sinister Sheikh Mandy Al-Petra, things are unlikely to get any better.

Sidwaddel, Tehran at 10, back to you in the studio

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