The Friday Quiz

The Guardian:

Mother in court accused of using fake address to get son into school

A mother will appear in court today charged with fraud after being accused of providing a false address in an attempt to get her son into a leading state school.
She faces up to a year in prison or a £5,000 fine if found guilty of using a false address to get around the rules intended to ensure children go to schools within a certain catchment area.

The Telegraph:

MPs’ expenses: Julie Kirkbride agrees to stand down after one claim too many

Julie Kirkbride, the Tory MP at the centre of a row over her expenses, yesterday agreed to step down. She said she would not stand at the next election after a telephone conversation with David Cameron. She told the Tory leader that she was “under pressure” and had to go. But she failed to apologise for any of her claims or admit that they had been unreasonable.

One of the women in the stories above faces jail merely for lying to get her kid into a decent school, while one of them doesn’t face jail for claiming £170,000 in allowances to simultaneously fund both both her and her husband’s homes.

Quiz Question: Where’s my twelve-bore?


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