No Apologies

There now follows some blatant begging from my mate John Mac. Have a read, have a laugh and do what you can do for a good cause and a hopeless case:


This is a photo of “yours truly” finishing the Hastings half Marathon last month.
 Time; 2 hours and 22 minutes
Conditions; Warm and fair
My condition; Totally and utterly knackered!
So not really ideal preparation for the big one, the “London” on Sunday week. I have no idea why I, at 5’6”, inside leg of 29”, 46 years old and tipping the scales at 80kg, think I could be a marathon runner. To quote my doctor, “it’s total madness,” to quote my therapist “We need to do a lot more work together John,” and to quote my kids “you’re an idiot!”
 But, I’ve done all the training (that’s a lie), and I’m fully prepared for the big day (that’s also a lie). I’m really looking forward to it (that’s another one), and I’m fairly sure I can get under 4 hours (the biggest one yet). What isn’t a lie though is that I’m running for fun and to raise some cash for people who can’t hear or see.So have a think, and have a little splash-out on  I’m really not looking for big cash, tenners are fine.
And watch out for me on Sunday week. I’ll always run on the left of the road, dressed in red vest, black headband and blue lycras. (not for the easily offended!).
And I’ll be taking phone calls between listening to Pink Floyd and Leonard Cohen on my Nano.Thanks a lot, and anyone who wants to hear the gruesome side affects, drop me a mail on Monday week..
Be lucky


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